Jennifer Aniston Just Revealed She Eats 1 Single Potato Chip When Stressed

People think celebrities have a great life. But even those who are beloved by millions and live in large and luxurious L.A. mansions need to keep stress at bay. "The way the media presents us folk in this business is like we're always trotting around the world, on beaches having fun," Jennifer Aniston told InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown for the magazine's September cover story. "But there are a lot of other, less obvious things that go into it."

Jennifer Aniston, in case you've been living under a rock for the past 30 years, is an actor. The "Friends" star got into that line of work for the same reason a lot of people do what they do: She liked acting and wanted to be good at it. "The priorities were not about becoming a famous person," Aniston told InStyle, talking about her mother's guidance early in her career. "It was, 'Study your craft, learn what you're doing, don't just go out there and get lucky.'"

A lot of what a successful actor does in their job, however, isn't acting, it's promoting: the red carpets and the ceaseless interviews with international media asking the same stressful questions. To take the example of another female actor, just consider how many times Scarlett Johansson had to answer sexist questions about Black Widow's leather unitard while promoting the Marvel movies (via YouTube).

Stress eating for Jennifer Aniston is one potato chip or one M&M

Jennifer Aniston calls the promotion circuit Hollywood actors must endure "the dog-and-pony show" (via InStyle). "The work is what I love to do. It's the promotion of it that creates some stress in me," Aniston said. "You get, like, a second of what it is that you're promoting, and then the rest of it is salacious crap that you somehow got wrangled into talking about."

Off-topic interview questions might be enough to tempt Aniston to stress eat. "Jennifer, we'd like to ask you how you prepare for your Emmy-nominated role as Alex in "The Morning Show," but first, how many potato chips do you eat in a day?"

Aniston has willingly sat down for multiple interviews about her diet. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's strictly healthy. She told Well+Good about her breakfast protein shake with fruit, greens, and stevia. She let Yahoo! in on her go-to snack foods: hard-boiled eggs and raw vegetables. To InStyle, however, she confessed that she gets off her healthy track when stressed — just a teeny, tiny bit. "I can have one M&M, one chip. I know, that's so annoying."

Don't expect Aniston to get the call to do an ad for Lay's.