These Peaches Were Inspired By A Classic Seinfeld Episode

Whether it's scarfing down a half-eaten eclair right from the garbage (even if it was clean and still sitting on its doily) or using fine cutlery to enjoy a Snickers bar, for a show about nothing, "Seinfeld" seems to revolve plenty around the concepts of food. And when has "Seinfeld" ever been wrong? 

From George Costanza incorporating food into his sex life for some sort of ultimate hedonistic trifecta to Cosmo Kramer singing the praises of the (fictional) Mackinaw peach that's only ripe two weeks out of the year (via Facebook), the motley crew of New Yorkers has many misadventures with food. 

If you've ever wanted to try such a delicious-sounding concept (and no, we're not talking about trying to eat pastrami while you roll around in the sack, that's next week), now is your chance. You need not travel to the far-off lands of Oregon, but instead take a trip to Massachusetts to try the fabled fruit that Kramer describes as a "miracle of nature that exists for a brief period!"

What is the Rolling Freestone Peach?

Rumbling along the country roads of New York, the Georgia Peach Truck carries its precious cargo, be it boxes of peaches picked fresh from the historic Dickey Farms or bags of Georgia-raised pecans. From June 8 to August 1, the truck rolls across the East Coast, hawking its fresh Georgia-grown peaches like a southern Good Humor man. While any fresh peach with tender flesh and country juices would hit the spot right now, the peach we're here to focus on is the Rolling Freestone peach.

This peach is called a "Freestone" because of how the juicy, moist flesh slips easily away from the stone-hard pit within the middle (via Pearson Farm). Much like the Mackinaw peach that Kramer raves so passionately about on "Seinfeld," the Rolling Freestone is said to be picked firm-ripe for the summer road trip, which allows the peach to soften naturally for the next two days, only for it to have a shelf life of about three days. Unlike the average hard and flavorless peaches you may select at your local big-box store, these juicy, sumptuous fruits are tempered only by their short lifespans. These are fruits meant to be enjoyed like the treasures they are.

If you want to try a Freestone for yourself, look out for the Georgia Peach Truck. (You don't even need a garbage disposal in your shower to enjoy these luscious fruits.)