Everything We Know About Ali Khan's New Podcast Eat This. Drink That

Ali Khan has a lot to say about food. According to the chef's website, he has written about food in publications like Texas Highways and Urban Daddy, blogged about food on his own sites, Bang for your Burger Buck and Ali Khan Eats, vlogged about food in the series "blackbookali" for Tastemade, and talked (a lot) about food while hosting Food Network's "Spring Baking Championship," appearing regularly on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate," judging on Food Network's "Chopped" and "Chopped Junior," and making his YouTube series "Ali Vs. the Dome." Basically, the only thing this food enthusiast has not done is make a podcast — until now.

Khan recently tweeted, "Check out my food and bev podcast!! Eat This. Drink That. This Friday!!" The post featured a retweet from "Eat This. Drink That," a twitter account that has been active since March with the following description: "video podcast with food and beverage 'challenges' w/ ali, steve, and Ryan." A recent post from the "Eat This. Drink That" Twitter account shows an image of its corresponding Instagram account's post, which offers even more reasons for fans of this animated food lover to tune in on Friday.

More clues from 'Eat This. Drink That' on Instagram

Over on Instagram, @ETDTOfficial's recent (and lone) post should have Ali Khan fans fired up. The post shows an image of what appears to be the podcast's logo, a stack of orange paper napkins with the show's title on it, and there's also a caption announcing that "Eat This. Drink That" will be launching Friday, August 13. It even pokes fun at the ominous date: "(Friday the 13th, what could go wrong)." In addition to Khan talking about food, the post announces some of the other voices and topics we might hear on the pod: "Steve Greer knows his wine and spirits, and Ryan Crosby lived with Ali once for a year in college." While we are not yet acquainted with Steve Greer or Ryan Crosby, we do know that we always have room for a little more wine-and-college-life convo in our lives!

A further "hint" about the show exists in a story posted on @ETDTOfficial showing a photo mosaic including an In-N-Out Burger sign along with images of double-stacked burgers and what appears to be the chain's "Animal Style" french fries covered with cheese and caramelized onions and smothered in their signature sauce. If the show is anything like these pictures, we know one thing — it's going to be juicy! It will also probably make you hungry, so spare your co-workers from that awkward rumbling tummy noise, and hold off until your lunch break to listen to this one.