Daphne Oz Shared Her Simple Technique For Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some like their chocolate chip cookies crispy and others prefer them chewy, but according to cookbook author and TV personality Daphne Oz (who has appeared on "The Chew"), a chocolate chip cookie with a combination of a bunch of different textures is the best kind, as she declared on TikTok

If, like her, you're interested in making a batch of cookies with caramelized outer edges, an extra gooey center, and tons of nooks and crannies filled with melted chocolate, you'll want to take notes on the technique Oz shares in her video. Surprisingly, her method doesn't take effect while mixing the dough, though, but rather when it's already on a cookie sheet in the oven, or more specifically, 12 minutes into the baking process.

At the 12-minute mark, she advises to remove the cookie sheet from the oven and simply drop it onto a kitchen counter before returning it to the oven. This may seem like a pointless interruption, but Oz insists it's the key to achieving that perfect texture. Because, as she explains, "It deflates all the air in the cookies." This makes a significant difference to the resulting batch because they are able to rise again once deflated. "That gives you that extra chewy center and extra ripply outer layer," Oz added.

Pro bakers have been using this technique forever

If you thought Daphne Oz's method to achieving the best chocolate chip cookie texture sounded familiar, it's because it takes inspiration from a recipe that went viral in 2017 and went on to be featured in The New York Times. Originally published by cookbook author Sarah Kieffer, the recipe calls for a pan-banging technique, much like Oz's. However, unlike Oz's more traditional approach, which Kieffer says has been around for ages, Kieffer's version requires pan-banging every few minutes instead of only once midway through the baking time. The texture of Kieffer's signature cookie therefore features multiple ripples throughout the entire cookie.

Basically, the more you toy with your cookies during the baking process, the more the texture changes. But as Insider cautions, there's always a risk of going overboard, and just by opening the oven door, you're also affecting the temperature your cookies will ultimately be baking at. Oz says that, in order to ensure even baking after the pan-banging step, rotate your cookies when you put them back in the oven. 

So, if you want to retain some elements of classic chocolate chip cookies while also introducing an exciting improved texture, Oz's technique is your best bet.