The Baskin-Robbins Japan Ice Cream Cake Pokemon Fans Needs To See

We all know fast food menus are more fun in different countries. From KFC with Chizza in Japan (pizza with a base made from fried chicken) and Shawarma Rice Bowls in the Phillipines, to McDonald's with Shrimp Filet-Os in Japan and Poutine in Canada, and even the Doritos Pizza at Pizza Hut in Pakistan (via BuzzFeed), there is no denying those restaurant locations outside the U.S. can get wild.

And even those who are not fans of fast food cannot deny the twist ice cream has taken in recent years. (Some of those flavors are more wild than Doritos pizza will ever be.) One ice cream shop in Alaska serves roasted tumeric and candied ginger flavored treats, and a Colorado spot serves up a flavor including Goat Cheese and Beet Swirl (via Delish). Not to mention the boozy ice cream revolution Tipsy Scoop started. But instead of serving up weird flavors, this oddity from Japan is serving up scoops of nostalgia, especially for Pokémon fans.

Gotta catch this cake

Pokémon fans, you are going to want to get your hands on this one and yell, "I choose you!" According to Food Beast, Baskin-Robbins in Japan has come up with "a freakin' adorable new ice cream cake" and while it is no Pikachu, it will definitely be coveted by dessert-loving fans of the show. The cake comes in the shape of a Poké Ball, a ball split into by a brown line with red on top and white on the bottom. And, while no actual Pokémon comes out when you slice into it, the center is filled with little Pikachu-shaped cookies that spill out of the center.

Unfortunately, the offer expires on August 31, 2021 with no noted plans to extend outside of the country just yet. But hope springs eternal that it will stretch to the states sometime soon. In the meantime, who's starting the petition to bring it here and where can we sign?