Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Pokémon Sugar Cookies

From Pokémon cereal to Pokémon cards with McDonald's Happy Meals, it's always fun to see pop culture and cartoons come into the food world. Now, Pillsbury has hopped on the Pokémon train. The company's classic cut-out sugar cookies are such an easy treat — all you need to do is pop them in the oven. You might be familiar with its pre-made holiday patterned cookies, but now you can find Pokémon-themed boxes of them on shelves.

These nostalgia-tinged products were recently spotted at Aldi by a customer who took to Reddit to post a photo of them. There are two cookie patterns included in the box: One has an outline of Pikachu while the other cookie has a red Poké Ball design on it. According to the picture, each package has 20 cookies, so there's plenty to share with any other Pokémon fans. Aldi is already known for carrying a wide range of fan-favorite cookies, and these Pillsbury Pokémon edition desserts are no different.

What's the buzz surrounding these Pokémon cookies?

It's no surprise to us that Aldi shoppers have great things to say about these Pillsbury sugar cookies. They're cute, convenient, and delicious. Plus, they're fantastic for both kids and adults! Although a few Aldi shoppers look like they'll be purchasing the cookies for their children, these treats bring up feelings of nostalgia for older Aldi customers and Pokémon fans alike.

One commenter on the subreddit said, "I'm 26 years old and grew up playing Pokémon. I remember playing Pokémon Red on my OG gray game boy well past my bedtime. These were an insta buy for me!"

Though the Pokémon brand is the selling point, there's still more to love about this product. According to the package, these cookies are safe to eat raw, and customers could not be happier. Another Reddit user said, "Those cuties would not make it to my oven!" 

This is one of several Pillsbury cookie doughs that you can eat without baking first, and when they're this adorable it's even more of a reason to add them to your grocery list. If there are Pokémon lovers in your house, hurry to Aldi to grab these cookies and catch 'em all!