These 2 Fast-Food Chains Are Switching To Cage-Free Eggs By 2025

Many companies and commercial enterprises are choosing to embrace the concept of cruelty-free eggs. According to The Spruce Eats, if you notice that a company claims to be supplying cage-free eggs, it means that the hens weren't kept in cages and could wander around in a hen house or a similar setup. Traditionally, cages tend to be too restrictive, and the birds are pretty uncomfortable in there — they can't even fully spread their wings. Cage-free sourcing means that the hens probably had more freedom to lay eggs in their nests.

However, this isn't as black and white as it seems. It's pretty difficult to predict whether the hen house was too full or had enough room for all its occupants. Companies don't really offer a lot of details on their products' labels, after all. That said, this beats the traditional setup by a long shot, and major brands such as Dunkin' and Sonic are realizing the importance of turning to cruelty-free eggs.

This is a positive development

According to QSR Web, popular brands such as Dunkin' and Sonic have decided to work harder on sourcing cage-free eggs for restaurant locations. In fact, Dunkin' has announced that it will fully embrace cage-free eggs and implement the changes across all its outlets around the world. This information was supplied by a nonprofit organization, the Lever Foundation, a group that solely focuses on animal welfare. "We applaud Dunkin's commitment on this important animal welfare issue," Lever's Kirsty Tuxford stated in an email.

Other companies such as Caribou, Au Bon Pain, and Krispy Kreme have also embraced similar initiatives. Tuxford offered more details, writing, "Ten of the world's 25 largest fast-food chains have now pledged that they will not source caged eggs anywhere in their global supply chains, including throughout Asia."  

Dunkin' is a part of the Inspire Brands group. According to PR Newswire, a statement from the organization read that this change will be visible across all its brands. "Globally, Inspire has committed to 100% sourcing of cage-free eggs across all brands by the end of 2025 ... Dunkin' [is] continuing to make positive progress in their sourcing of cage-free eggs," the statement noted.