The Popular Soda 32% Of People Can't Stand

When it comes to an ice-cold beverage of choice, many people love nothing more than a refreshing can or glass of soda. The fizz, the flavor, the burst of sweetness from the sugar — there's a reason so many grocery stores have almost a full aisle devoted primarily to the soda category of beverages. While most people will have their favorites, the ones they reach for time and time again and habitually add to their grocery carts, Mashed surveyed 603 individuals in the U.S. to see which particular sodas weren't quite as popular and not making their way into people's fridges.

While you might assume that the detested sodas would be strange limited-edition releases with questionable flavors, the respondents that Mashed surveyed actually named several common types of soda as their least favorites. Coming in second was Dr. Pepper, which 19.40% of respondents flagged as a soda they couldn't stand. According to the Dr. Pepper website, the signature taste of that particular soda is actually a proprietary blend of 23 different flavors, but apparently the blend isn't quite satisfying soda lovers.

A few other sodas that aren't winning any popularity contests

Two of the sodas most readily available in just about every convenience store, grocery store, and chain restaurant, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, came in with 11.11% and 15.75%, respectively, of the vote from respondents. The only clear-colored beverage that made the list of the best of the worst was Sprite, which only received 6.80% of respondent votes. It seems that the artificial orange flavor found in Fanta wasn't exactly a winner with consumers either, as 14.93% of respondents indicated that it was their least favorite soda on the market.

Though there are always fun new flavors and limited-edition releases on the market in the beverage category, the one soda that earned by far the most votes was a relatively common one that's been on the market since the 1940s — Mountain Dew (via PepsiCo). The neon yellow drink of choice stands apart from many other staple sodas because of its vibrant hue, but it seems that many shoppers aren't exactly racing to grab a bottle of this particular beverage. Over 32% of respondents indicated that Mountain Dew was their least favorite soda. The brand is known for beverages with bold colors, and a selection of limited-edition flavors feature shades from neon orange to vibrant turquoise, as well as their staple "Code Red" variety (via Mountain Dew).