How Many Blenders Did Paris Hilton Break During Cooking With Paris?

Paris Hilton didn't necessarily gain fame with her cooking skills. However, she did recently land her very own cooking show, "Cooking with Paris," on Netflix. Still, her lack of a culinary background might explain why a few appliances "died" in the midst of filming the series.

According to Forbes, not one, but two blenders were broken during production. One instance of this happening involved the cap of a pepper shaker being accidentally thrown into an operating blender. (It's safe to say that the salsa being prepared in the machine was not, in fact, edible.) But, in Hilton's defense, she did have a margarita or two before the incident occurred, according to Good Food. The other situation involved the scent of rubber percolating throughout the set before another blender suffered an easily preventable death (via the New York Post). Rest in peace to both blenders, as their short-lived time on air will not be forgotten.

But those aren't the only blender-related mishaps that you'll see on the Netflix show.

Paris Hilton says she can cook 'basically anything'

You can't deny that Hilton's new show is highly entertaining. Just hearing her and her guests squabble about their matched cluelessness in the kitchen can brighten anyone's day. And, the recipes she's attempting to make really sound promising at the start of each episode.

The model and actress admitted to Vice that, "My whole career I've been traveling 250 days out of the year. I was eating mostly plane food or hotel room service. Now, since I have my cooking show, I've learned how to cook basically anything."

However, that doesn't make the fact that Hilton did not know what a blender was for at least a portion of the show any less amusing. On her episode with Kim Kardashian, the stars needed a producer to step in and identify a blender, as they considered using a standing mixer to make their dish instead, according to Heavy. Hopefully, with one misidentified and two put away, the blenders of reality television will finally be safe.