Zoë François Reveals What It Was Really Like Working For Andrew Zimmern - Exclusive

Baker, cookbook author, food photographer, and blogger Zoë François has spent years building up her repertoire of recipes for cakes, pastries, pies, breads, and more. Through her Instagram and blog, she's been dedicated to teaching others how to master the art and craft of baking. And her latest endeavor follows the same mission.

François' new show "Zoë Bakes" premiered alongside Andrew Zimmern's latest endeavor "Family Dinner" with the launch of Magnolia Network on July 15. Zimmern's production company, Intuitive Content, can be thanked for the production of the show, as the baker and chef worked together in Minneapolis, per Deadline.

But the production of "Zoë Bakes" wasn't the first time that François and Zimmern have worked together. In fact, the two go way back, and we wanted to learn more. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, François shared all about what it was like to work for Zimmern years ago.

François worked as Zimmern's pastry chef in Minneapolis

Amongst his other ventures as a television host, Andrew Zimmern also opened multiple restaurants. Bravo, now closed, debuted in Minneapolis, and François jumped at the chance to work there as Zimmern's pastry chef.

François was finishing up culinary school, and she said she only did a phone interview with Zimmern before taking the job over the phone. "When I met him we were fast, fast friends," she said. "We have the same intensity and passion for what we do, and so it's a really amazing partnership and team." François also noted Zimmern was a great boss, trusting her to do what she wanted to do with pastry, while sharing his knowledge and advice along the way.

According to François, the knowledge she learned from Zimmern, both with food and business, was so helpful. "He's like an encyclopedic mind, and so he just knows so much about all different kinds of food, cultures of food, preparations of food," she said. "I learned a lot about sort of making a living at this craft, and so I'm really grateful to have had him as a mentor not only in food, but also as a business person."

To get baking with Zoë François, find new episodes of "Zoë Bakes" now available on Magnolia Network, via Discovery+.