Does Restaurant Impossible Have A Therapist On Set?

It's no secret that the restaurant business is difficult and risky, as "Restaurant: Impossible" demonstrates with each episode. According to Food Network Gossip, "Restaurant: Impossible" has been running since 2011. The website documented the status of every single one of the 191 restaurants featured on the show, with 108 restaurants having closed, 3 restaurants having been sold, and 80 still open with the same owners. The show is focused around helping struggling restaurants fix their operations and get their act together over the course of only two days, utilizing a limited budget.

And with hard work comes immense stress and nerves on end. Robert Irvine, the show's host, even got a little heated during the filming of one episode, during which a diner owner accused him of trying to sabotage her restaurant for the sake of the show. Given the heightened emotions and nerves involved in such a quick turnaround, it absolutely makes sense that someone would need to let their feelings out. So how is "Restaurant: Impossible" taking care of people's minds as well as their businesses? Or does it?

Getting them all the help they need

Plum Deluxe noted that they've gotten therapy from the show itself. She highlighted that she has learned that people in our lives are meant to help us see what we cannot see on our own, to focus on the small details, little steps and restrictions help with creativity, and "challenges make us stronger." And those are just nuggets she pulled from the show itself. 

On Twitter, a fan named Dawnna wrote to "Restaurant: Impossible" host Robert Irvine, inquiring as to whether there is a therapist working behind the scenes feeding him the lines of advice he provides. Irvine replied, "Well I'm the therapist, and no I don't have anyone except me to get to the bottom of things." Hosting a show while also taking care of the mental health of those involved? That is no small feat. But despite annoyances, Irvine seems to be able to hold his own, and although he's faced with some pretty big challenges, that only makes his role in solving them all the more impressive.