Aldi Fans Are Loving Its Low-Calorie Ice Cream

There are few snacks better to enjoy on a hot day than a sweet, refreshing bowl of ice cream. It is a summer staple for a reason, but unfortunately, it isn't exactly a health food. Ice cream can have a surprisingly high number of calories, so some people who are trying to limit the number of calories they consume may have to be mindful of how often they indulge in the warm weather treat.

But luckily, Aldi now has the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a delicious frozen summer snack, without accidentally overdoing it on the calories. Their Sundae Shoppe light ice cream is a cool, tasty ice cream that boasts the same excellent flavor as a traditional serving of ice cream, but with less than 300 calories and around 20 grams of protein in a whole pint.

Aldi shoppers were so delighted to find this healthy ice cream that they just couldn't keep it to themselves, so they took to social media to alert fellow shoppers to the new find. "My favorite healthy frozen treat. Eat a whole pint (honestly what kind of psycho eats less than that) for under 300cal!" Reddit user u/Seraphymz posted to the social media site.

Aldi's Sundae Shoppe light ice cream is a satisfying, low-calorie treat

Other Reddit users were quick to chime in with their own positive reviews for the delicious low-calorie ice cream, which comes in multiple flavors, including vanilla bean, chocolate, and mint chip. "I never see anyone talk about these but I LOVE the mint chip, I'm not a fan of plain chocolate or vanilla ice creams in general so I haven't tried them," one user responded.

Other Aldi fans replied with suggestions for their favorite ways to enjoy the snack. "I've been blending the vanilla with frozen, overripe bananas all week! So good!" u/vivalavicky suggested. For an extra indulgence, u/moripeji recommended: "I swear by taking the vanilla pint and adding some edible nestle cookie dough and/ or various toppings. Not all the time, but when you can afford the calories, it's basically better (ok, maybe not, but health-wise) than a blizzard!"

So if you've been looking for a lower calorie alternative to your favorite traditional ice cream, then look no further than your local Aldi. Their Sundae Shoppe light ice cream is sure to satisfy all your frozen dessert cravings, but with far fewer calories, so you can indulge while still sticking to your diet.