Jack In The Box Has Happy News For Bacon Lovers

The Jack in the Box fast food establishment has been serving people for 80 years, and although it has undergone various changes throughout the decades, the chain has become well known for Jack, their big-headed mascot, burrito breakfasts, and their interesting array of tacos (per The Daily Meal). When people finally get the chance to try Jack in the Box, as the The Wall Street Journal reports, the food is described as 'vile and amazing,' which is what, perhaps, leads Americans to consume about 554 million of their tacos annually. 

One Reddit thread has many commenters in agreement that the fast food joint is "completely underrated" and one commenter proclaimed, "I rock with Jack, ultimate bacon cheeseburger is fire..." For those who love the burgers at Jack in the Box as much as reality star Kim Kardashian seems to (via the Daily Mail), the restaurant has some exciting news. Brand Eating reports that Jack in the Box has just brought back the BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger as the main event of a specialty combo meal.

Treat yourself to a two or three patty combo

For a limited time, at the suggested price of $4.99, you can purchase the Jack in the Box specialty combo meal featuring the BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger, with french fries and a soda, but according to Chewboom, prices might vary by participating locations.

The sandwich, which was first introduced in 2019, is made with two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, crispy-fried onion rings, and BBQ sauce all placed in between a toasted bun (via Brand Eating). For those of you with a heartier appetite, you can also find the BBQ Bacon Triple Cheeseburger, which as you may have guessed, contains three beef patties. The website boasts that their 100% beef patty sandwiches and award-winning BBQ sauce are sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

If you love bacon and beef, then hurry and head over to your local Jack in the Box to snatch up this deal before it's gone for good.