The Fantastic Breakfast Misha Collins Cooked To Show His Daughter He Missed Her

Misha Collins, the actor best known for playing Castiel on "Supernatural," has the typical life of a 21st-century celeb. He's always on the go, flying here, filming there, making a special appearance somewhere else, as he did at this year's Oscars where he was supporting a friend who'd been nominated for several awards. Well, the thing is, Collins is also a father, and a schedule like his can take a real toll on family life. In a 2019 interview with The New York Times, the actor narrated a particularly poignant little vignette involving his daughter Maison. 

He had just gotten back from a 14-day publicity tour of Europe, and even though he was hanging out with his daughter, they were both in their own worlds. Collins was playing on his phone while Maison was playing with her rock collection, but dad put down the phone in a hurry when his daughter spoke up. She told him that with his constant traveling, she felt like she only had one parent (that would be her mom, Victoria Vantoch). Well, Collins knew a wake-up call when he heard one, so in order to prove to his daughter that he really did care, he turned to the universal language of love — food.

Misha Collins' daughter got to have the breakfast of her dreams

Collins admitted to having had a rather rough childhood himself, growing up poor and occasionally homeless, yet he told The New York Times that even when times were at their toughest, his mom would always find a way to keep the family fed. Cooking for someone, he feels, is the best way of showing them how much they truly mean to you. When he learned how his daughter felt neglected by him, the actor responded by asking her to name anything in the world she wanted for breakfast.

Well, Maison has quite the imagination, but luckily Collins must have quite the well-stocked fridge so he was able to overcome his jet lag and make her breakfast dreams come true that morning. What did they dine upon? A fancy feast of spinach and cheese omelets and raspberry waffles topped with whipped cream washed down with peppermint tea. Unusual? Perhaps. Memorable? Most definitely, dad points to the max for Collins, at least on that one occasion.