TikTok's Frozen Banana Hack Makes Smoothies Easier Than Ever

Making smoothies is extremely versatile thanks to the wide range of fruits, vegetables, and extra ingredients you can add to your mixture. (If you prefer a thin, watery smoothie then disregard the following advice!) However, as far as we are concerned, adding a frozen banana to a smoothie does a lot to improve its texture. The consistency becomes creamier and richer thanks to the addition of the frozen fruit. One way to have bananas at the ready for your smoothies is to pre-package them in small chunks in plastic bags or containers in your freezer. All the same, the extra prep requires time and sometimes the motivation to plan for a future smoothie can be lacking.

Bethany Ugarte or @lilsipper_official on TikTok puts it bluntly in a video captioned, "Also if you're lazy and don't want to prep your banana for smoothies." She calls her trick a banana hack and if you regularly make smoothies in the morning, then you will want to hear her advice. Ugarte freezes the entire banana, with the peel on and all. When she's ready to use it, instead of fighting to remove the frozen peel, she runs it under the hot water tap for a few seconds to soften the exterior. You won't want to leave it in hot water for much longer or the banana itself will start to defrost. Next, she slices it in half and removes the peel from both halves. There you have it, a frozen banana ready to pop into your blender!

What else should you add to your smoothies?

We love Bethany Ugarte's quick tip to easily incorporate frozen bananas into a smoothie. As an alternative to prepping your bananas in chunks before freezing, it definitely does not take any longer to do. As well, Ugarte points out that you won't have to worry about any browning or having to use multiple plastic bags. The peel itself is enough of a container, making it a sanitary solution for storing bananas in the freezer. Chances are you'll also save space since you only need the necessary volume for each banana.

When you are ready to make a smoothie with your frozen bananas, first follow Ugarte's trick, then add them to a blender with other fruits. Try incorporating nut butter or yogurt for additional protein and fat. While you are at it, toss in some leafy greens to rack up your vitamin count for the day. If you are looking for an extra boost, toss in a cup of coffee to make an iced coffee smoothie. Thanks to this easy banana hack, you might even start making more smoothies!