This Kitchen Staple Is A Sign Misha Collins Is Happy

Actor Misha Collins is full of surprises. For him, a big part of his childhood was food, particularly wholesome, hearty meals cooked by his mother. According to The New York Times, he did not come from a privileged background, but his mom never let him feel like he was missing out on anything. "Whether she was cooking chicken soup on an electric hot plate or we were sitting on a log eating eggplant parmesan prepared on a campfire, Mom fed us with thoughtful attention," Collins said. 

As a parent, the actor has embraced a similar approach to food. When one of his kids was unwell, he asked what she would like to eat for breakfast. They eventually made a treat for themselves: cheese and spinach omelettes, raspberry waffles with some whipped cream and peppermint tea. Yum.

Collins has now come up with a cookbook of his own. According to CBS Watch Magazine, his cookbook, "The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime," was written by Collins and his wife, Vicki. As parents, the couple ensure that their children are an integral part of the cooking process. They believe that this helps their kids take an active interest in food and motivates them to eat their meals regularly. But which element of the cooking process does Collins enjoy the most?

Canning jars are Misha Collins' favorite

According to CBS Watch Magazine, Misha Collins has a few kitchen staples that he simply cannot do without. For example, he loves his reliable blender, his butcher block countertop, his wooden mallet, and more. He's particularly happy when he has giant canning jars around him and he's keeping himself busy by organizing his kitchen. Collins said, "I'm proud that my pantry is full of things that I've put in jars. For me, if I'm canning, it's a sign of good mental health." What a relatable thing to say, huh?

Also, Collins has made it a point to ensure that his book is something that can be a go-to resource for families everywhere, as it features quirky recipes, such as spaghetti with jam sauce. As the former "Supernatural" star explained, "If you approach cooking as a form of play, you invite the children into the kitchen in a way that excites them."