The Surprising Reason Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Is So Unique

From Cherry Garcia to Half Baked, many people have at least one pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the freezer and the company has had people screaming for more since forming in 1978. According to Time, the super-premium ice cream market hasn't always had the selling power it currently does, but Ben & Jerry's found a special niche and came to dominate this field. A little-known medical condition that founder Ben Cohen has proved to be the secret to the success of the company and influenced the future of the ice cream brand.

According to Twisted, Cohen has a condition known as anosmia, the inability to smell or taste food. While the diagnosis seems like a detriment for someone starting a food brand, Cohen turned it into an advantage. Since Cohen can't taste or smell, he relies on mouthfeel and textures to craft the perfect ice cream flavor. According to Delish, Cohen uses texture, the sensation of ice cream melting in your mouth, and creaminess as factors in determining if an ice cream came out well. He proved that sometimes apparent obstacles are the sweet secret to success and helped shape the future of the brand.

Ben & Jerry's secret to success is texture

Ben & Jerry's ice cream stands apart from other brands thanks to the fact that it delivers a different texture in each scoop (via Twisted). This basic template of combining large chunks of candies and cookies with luscious ice cream has served the brand well over the years and the total-sensory experience of the dessert has helped make this ice cream brand a scoop above the rest.

In an interview with Delish, Ben Cohen discussed how he ended all company debates by identifying the right size of mix-ins that became the signature chunks you can find in any Ben & Jerry's staple flavor. Even though Ben & Jerry's has cycled through tons of flavors and styles of ice cream over the years, the brand has always stayed true to finding the perfect mouthfeel. The luscious ice cream's texture can always get people screaming for more and keeps customers coming back for more.