Why Sports Fans Should Make Tim Hortons Their Go-To Coffee Shop

Quick, name the most Canadian things in the history of Canada-ness. If you are actually from the Great White North, you may have a better grasp of the history and cultural legacy of North America's largest nation (via World Population Review). But if you're from the US, you probably have a more limited knowledge and may have just rattled off a list consisting of little more than maple syrup, moose, hockey, and Tim Hortons.

While the first two items are totally legit, the latter two are uniquely connected and are making news. Tim Hortons, as you may or may not know, was actually founded by a former hockey player, so it's only fitting that a current promo of theirs pays homage to Canada's national pastime. Tim Hortons isn't forgetting their neighbor to the south, however, since football (NFL football, not the Canadian version) gets a shout out in the promo, too.

Tim Hortons' latest sweepstakes comes with some sweet prizes

If you hustle on down to your nearest Tim Hortons any day up through September 14, all you need to do is make a purchase using your Tims Rewards account to be entered in the "Tap. Order. Win!" sweepstakes. Each week, lucky winners can score either rewards points (up to 5,000), free coffee, or Timbits donut holes for time periods ranging from one to six months. The grand prize packages, however, not only include free coffee for a year (no Timbits though), but also a pair of season tickets to one of three storied sports franchises: the NHL's Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets or the NFL's Buffalo Bills. 

Are you psyched for this, sports fans? One disclaimer before you start planning a road trip: This contest is only open to people who actually live in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Maine, Indiana, and Kentucky, and you also have to be over 18-years-old to play. If you fit the requirements and you're lucky enough to live near a Timmy's, go forth and win those tickets!

There are several different ways you can qualify with each transaction: Place a pickup or delivery order via the Tims Reward app, scan the app's QR code when purchasing in-store, or have your physical Tims Rewards card scanned every time you go for coffeedonuts, or anything else on the menu.