The Fancy Ice Cream Machine Jeff Bezos Installed In His Home

When you are the wealthiest man on Earth, you can pretty much buy anything you want. Especially if you also own the platform that is probably going to deliver it to your home. Per Forbes, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world with a net worth of over $180 billion. So how is he spending that mountain of money? The New York Post revealed one of the billionaire's latest purchases: an ice cream machine. But Bezos did not get the kind that most of us probably covet, like the Breville Smart Scoop that tops Food & Wine's list of best ice cream makers.

No, when you're the top dog, you go all out and buy the ice cream maker that childhood dreams are made of, and that is just what Bezos has done. The Blue Origin founder now has a soft-serve ice cream machine in his home, giving him easy access to the sweet cold treat beloved by countless kids. The machine is called the CVTeeny and is said to resemble a miniature ice cream truck. In fact, Business Insider shares (via Yahoo!) that it comes with a license plate that the owner gets to customize. So cool, right? We are feeling a little jealy. But it gets better (for Bezos).

Bezos can enjoy chocolate, vanilla, or twist ice cream

The New York Post further reported that the CVTeeny can dispense, chocolate, vanilla, or a combo twist of both ice creams. But as shocked as some people might be that Bezos has what looks like a tiny ice cream truck in his home, CVT was even more so. The founder of the company, Joe Nicchi, shared on Instagram, "I don't expect you to believe what I'm about to tell you, but it's 100% true. I'm still trying to mentally process this. ⁣⁣I just did an ice cream delivery to a guy that now has CVT on tap in his house 24/7.⁣⁣Thank you Jeff Bezos for being our first residential #CVTeeny client.⁣⁣What. The Actual [Expletive]!?" We're getting the same vibe as Nicchi!

Media outlets have thus far not confirmed which of the Amazon founder's homes was actually chosen to house this baby, but the New York Post points out that he owns three residences in Beverly Hills. This is not the first time he has been linked to soft-serve ice cream. In 2019, Bezos apparently made a pitstop at the Milk Bar in New York City where he was seen enjoying the shop's Cereal Milk ice cream. Honestly, we are wondering why he didn't just buy or build a Milk Bar of his own. Then he could have Cereal Milk ice cream all the time. Of course, with all the money he has, we bet he could still do that.