Pot Pie Fans Won't Want To Miss This Boston Market Deal

Boston Market has got a deal for you. While the fast-food chain that was once owned by McDonald's, according to The Daily Meal, made its name with its succulent and juicy rotisserie chicken, the quick service restaurant has become so much more since its humble beginnings.

Per Boston Market's website, since 1985 they've built a legacy on perfecting anything that hits their rotisserie. They are also quite proud of the fact that they work to make certain the food you are purchasing is made fresh every day. For example, they point out that the all natural chicken they use is "freshly roasted" every hour. Their chocolate chunk cookies are baked every morning, as is their cornbread. Their veggies are chopped up fresh daily, and don't worry about freezer-burned mashed potatoes because the mashed potatoes at Boston Market are never frozen. 

This is all part of their quality commitment to their loyal customers which brings us back to that deal. Boston Market knows how much customers value their time and their money, so they are offering a family favorite dish that will ease your dinner prep time and won't overburden your already stretched pocket book. What's this awesome deal?

This chicken pot pie deal only lasts a short time

Per Chew Boom, Boston Market is offering $3 chicken pot pies for a limited time at participating locations. Yep, you read that right. If you are a fan of this fast-food chain's buttery flaky pie crust, their delicious rotisserie chicken, and all of their cut-up veggies blended together in a creamy chicken sauce, this deal is for you.

Not to mention it comes with a side of cornbread. Do you feel tempted yet? These pot pies are personal size and you can only use one coupon per transaction. Chew Boom shared that their local Boston Market normally charges $8.49 for a chicken pot pie, so a $3 chicken pot pie is quite the savings. 

While it doesn't matter if you are dining in or taking out, the deal does require a coupon, so make certain you visit Boston Market's site to print one out. But this offer ends on August 24 — which is just around the corner — or until they run out of these savory pies so what are you waiting for! Also, if you live in Florida, well, this is going to feel like a bit of a bummer because the offer is not valid there due to "supply issues."