TikTok Thinks This Viral Krispy Kreme Donut Hack Is A Total Fail

Why is it that food hack videos are so addictive? Perhaps it's the innate satisfaction of seeing tedious kitchen tasks effortlessly solved, finding new, weird snacks, or because we truly believe that there are still yet undiscovered ways of using basic appliances like toasters or microwaves. TikTok was already a time-suck before food hack videos were trendy, and now we lose even more of our waking hours watching users find new ways to peel hard-boiled eggs or to turn an entire bottle of honey into a popsicle. 

Some of these food hacks need a little more scrutiny, however, and we really have to step back and ask ourselves: Is this really even a hack? Case in point, this TikTok video that promises a "Krispy Kreme donut life hack." The video from @lifeofvinny_ has picked up a lot of traction with 26,000 likes, almost 200 shares and hundreds of comments. The video is one person's approach to a dilemma we didn't know we had — how to remove chocolate from donuts. We were pretty skeptical after viewing this, and based on the comments so were a lot of other people. 

Is this a problem that really needed solving?

In the TikTok post, the user chooses a chocolate-topped Krispy Kreme donut from a box and digs their fingers in at the edge of the chocolate and lifts the whole chocolate shell right off the donut. To be fair, we can understood the "cool" factor in doing this. Removing the chocolate this way probably has the same, odd satisfaction that comes from cleanly opening an Oreo cookie. But the video goes beyond calling this a neat trick. They label it a "donut hack", saying "now you can eat the custard without eating the chocolate." Hang on ... isn't eating chocolate with the custard the whole point of choosing the Chocolate Iced Custard Filled donut?

Commenters on the TikTok video have our backs on this one. A user asked, "Why not just order a plain donut?" While another added, "What's the point?" However, a couple of users felt the move was justified, saying that the Krispy Kreme chocolate coatings aren't that good anyway. But again, why not just choose a plain one? Popping the chocolate off the donut and leaving the shell behind feels to us like a wasteful move.