Why The Actor In Pepsi's 'Football Is Calling' Ad Looks So Familiar

While Pepsi's unfortunate claim to fame is its status as constant competitor to Coca Cola — which apparently goes back to the 1980s, when History Channel reports the two engaged in the infamous "Cola Wars" — the brand has a few other known facts. One of those facts being its penchant for featuring prominent celebrities in its commercials. 

In 2018, Cindy Crawford co-starred in their Super Bowl commercial, with Crawford reprising an ad she had done for them in 1992. A ton of other celebs have joined in the brand's ads over the years, says People, including the likes of Beyoncé, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Madonna, One Direction, and Michael Jackson. And who can forget the commercial they created featuring Kendall Jenner of Kardashian fame, which received so much backlash for its controversial content that the company had to apologize and remove it from running after less than a week (via The New York Times).

So when you watch Pepsi's latest, and hopefully less stirring, commercial and see a familiar face, don't be surprised.

Where do you know that guy from?

According to a preview of Pepsi's newest commercial, which was shared with Mashed, the brand is marking "the return of its 'Made for Football Watching' campaign" to usher in the new football season. This commercial asks fans to continue their traditions when watching football, despite their other plans. And who is that familiar face you might recognize?

Pepsi's "Football is Calling" commercial features none other than "Billions" star and former "Breaking Bad" cast member David Costabile. According to a press release, the ad "showcases Costabile delivering an impassioned championship-worthy rallying cry to some faltering football watchers trying to bail on their gameday gathering." They should be ashamed!

The ad starring Costabile is a fun reminder that traditions are traditions for a reason. And in a time when it has been hard enough to be able to see people in person and celebrate things, maybe watching football is one thing you should commit to taking advantage of. Make sure to keep that time with friends or family, and according to them, do all that while enjoying a Pepsi.