Yogurtland CEO Phillip Chang Shares His Ultimate Frozen Yogurt Hack - Exclusive

No matter what your style is, frozen yogurt is pretty self-explanatory. You load up your cup with your favorite flavor or two (or three) and then pile on the toppings, be it fruit, candy, cereal, chocolate, or all of the above. But what if we told you that there's another, potentially better way to create the froyo of your dreams? Mashed learned a brand new frozen yogurt hack, straight from an expert: Yogurtland founder and CEO Phillip Chang.

Yogurtland was one of the first brands to popularize self-serve froyo more than a decade ago, and today they're still one of the fastest-growing froyo companies out there, with a solid reputation for innovative ideas and endless craveable flavor options. So there's no question that Chang knows just about everything there is to know about froyo and how best to enjoy it. And it turns out that he's got a trick up his sleeve that is too good not to share. "I do something very unique. And maybe this is something our customers should try," he told Mashed. In an exclusive interview, Chang revealed his ultimate frozen yogurt hack. And it just might have you rethinking your next frozen yogurt experience.

Yogurtland's CEO says you should build your froyo backwards

According to Yogurtland CEO Phillip Chang, you've been building your frozen yogurt creations in the wrong order. "Typically, people will put their flavors first ... and then they will go get toppings," he told Mashed. Chang does the opposite. "What I do is think of this the other way around, upside down," he explained. Here's how it works: "you put fruit first, or whatever toppings you like, put those and then put some yogurt." According to Chang, this hack helps you pack even more of the treats you love into one cup. "You can put quite a lot of fruit," he said. And it's worth pointing out that this technique not only allows you to get more toppings into one serving, but it also prevents them from falling out of your overloaded cup of yogurt (which almost everyone is guilty of, if we're being honest).

Chang said he likes to use his hack to build his own yogurt parfait of sorts. First, fruit, then yogurt, "and then you can put some granola on top or something... maybe some nuts, that stuff," he said, adding "then it's an amazing meal replacement and becomes very healthy too ... that's my unique way of serving frozen yogurt."

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