Where Food Network Fans Think BBQ Brawl Falls Flat

If you're a fan of barbecue, you've probably already come across the popular Food Network show, "BBQ Brawl." According to TV Guide, the show's first episode was launched in 2019 and features skilled pitmasters that engage in fierce battles, as they cook up delicious meat dishes. They're coached by experienced chefs such as Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. In the show's second edition, former NFL star and Food Network personality Eddie Jackson joined the team. 

Jackson told us in an exclusive interview that he was a big fan of "BBQ Brawl" before joining the series. "Before the show, Michael Symon and Bobby Flay were great friends...so I thought it was really cool to be able to do that show with them, especially doing something that I love, which is barbecuing and smoking meats," he said. However, viewers are displeased with one thing in particular about the show and took to Reddit to voice their concerns. 

They think the winner deserves a lot more

A Redditor pointed out that the winners on "BBQ Brawl" simply don't get anything worthwhile from the show. The competitors are told if they win they'll get featured on Food Network's digital platform. "The 'reward' for the BBQ Brawl winner is laughable at best...I still remember when food network star show would promise a food network series which more often not never happened," the user wrote. "I've been a food network fan for 10+ years, never used their digital platform."

Someone else added that they're not even aware of its existence. Another Food Network viewer wrote that they'd rather see winners doing proper cooking shows instead of being featured as judges on other shows. "I would've loved seeing more 'you can use this in your pantry if you don't have this' type cooking shows," they explained. "I'd just like to see more cooking, and less 'this will never be useful knowledge.'"