Why Popeyes Fans Think This Popular Meal Deal May Be Gone Forever

What seems like a minor inconvenience might turn into a huge disappointment for dedicated Popeyes fans. Imagine you log into the Popeyes app with a craving for their perfectly crispy chicken tenders, expecting to order the 2 Can Dine meal deal that comes with six of the savory tenders, two sides of your choice, and two biscuits. You scroll through the app, unable to find your favorite meal. Unfortunately, this situation appears to be a reality and the chain has yet to make an official statement about it (via Eat This, Not That!).

Popeyes' chicken has garnered a huge following and business has never been better. Fans of the eatery loved their delicious chicken sandwich, and their sales have shown it. The restaurant's profits grew by 36.2% over 2019 and 2020 and its success showed no signs of slowing down (via QSR). However, some customers of the fast food restaurant are beginning to notice that their favorite meal deal is no longer available and they're starting to ask questions. 

Fans react to the missing Popeyes chicken tender deal

With no official word from the restaurant about whether the 2 Can Dine meal is officially gone, customers are taking to Reddit to speculate on the fate of their favorite chicken tender deal. A customer in California was the first to notice that the deal was missing, and they wondered if it was just in their area. It appears to be gone across the country, as a poster in Washington, D.C. also noticed that it was not available. One person mentioned that the discount on chicken tenders could be affecting sales of the newly launched chicken nuggets, which could explain Popeyes decision to quietly end the 2 Can Dine meal.

Another thread noted that the chicken tenders appear to be out at all of their local Popeyes restaurants. A commenter noted that there is a nationwide poultry shortage, which could contribute to the lack of certain options and explain why Popeyes isn't able to meet customer expectations. Whether it's due to the chicken shortage or a marketing ploy to sell more chicken nuggets, the 2 Can Dine meal is gone at least for the time being.