Instagram Can't Get Enough Of This Video Of Duff Goldman's Baby Laughing In A Mirror

Duff Goldman is someone who can easily put a smile on your face. In addition to his whimsical creations and easygoing personality, the master baker, TV host, cookbook author, and part-time musician is also incredibly charitable, gaining favor with fans through his involvement in aiding police, firefighters, the military, and teachers, as well as charities including No Kid Left Hungry and the Make-A-Wish foundation (via

But as likable and popular as the "Buddy Vs. Duff" star is, someone else in his family is about to steal his spotlight — and she's not even old enough to talk. 

Duff Goldman married his wife, Johnna, in January 2019 (via Distractify) and shortly after that, in January 31, 2021, the couple gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Josephine. In August of 2020, they teased the arrival of their newest family member with a playful photo on Instagram holding their "mini muffin" while also each holding a normal sized muffin. 

That mini muffin is now seven months old, and melting hearts in a brand-new video.

Duff's baby's got Insta game

Duff Goldman's Instagram is full of photos of his little girl, each cuter than the next. People recently went crazy when Duff posted an adorable photo of his daughter in a cornfield, and now he's posted a video of her on Instagram that is cementing her position as the family's newest star. 

The video he posted to Instagram which looks like it was shot in a hotel room, shows Johnna dancing in the mirror, much to the delight of baby, Josie, who is loving the mirror and movement! "Sound up. This is cute," he captioned the post.

His fans love it almost as much as Johanna and Josie seem to, with comments like, "That is adorable," "She's so dang precious!" and "I can't wait to see her one-year birthday cake." 

Look out, Duff. This baby is destined for stardom.