Buffalo Wild Wings' New Bundles Are Perfect For Tailgating

Whether you're a die-hard football fan who dresses up in your team's jersey every game, or whether your favorite part of any event is the snack table, there's one thing just about everyone can agree on — the tasty treats that come along with tailgating are one of the best parts of the experience. From carnivorous creations drenched in sauce and served up with even more dipping sauce options, or carb-packed delights like chips, fries, and other potato-packed nibbles, tailgating food is one of the best reasons to gather with a group to take in a game rather than just watching at home alone.

However, when you're dining with a group of people and want to share a few different dishes, it can sometimes be tough to decide exactly what to order. Luckily for any indecisive diners, Buffalo Wild Wings has a solution, whether you're eating at one of their establishments or taking the food to-go — their new tailgating and tablegating bundles (via Brand Eating). After all, wings are one of the cornerstones of any tailgating menu. Why not enjoy them with a few extras for the full experience?

What you're getting in the new bundles

If you opt to dine in at a Buffalo Wild Wings location, you can try out the new "tablegating" bundle, which features 20 boneless wings, Everything Pretzel Knots, and Buffalo Chicken Tots (via Penn Live). According to Brand Eating, the Buffalo Chicken Tots are a decadent creation that involves topping crisp tater tots with tender pulled chicken, blue cheese crumbles, pickled hot peppers, Buffalo seasoning, Buffalo sauce, and ranch. It may get messy to eat, but it'll probably be worth it if you're a fan of those flavors. And, if you're looking to wash it down with a themed beverage, they'll also be serving up a unique "Spiked Football" cocktail that features coconut, lime, and pineapple juices, spiked with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and served in a football-shaped glass.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to grab your meal to-go (or have it delivered right to your doorstep, just in time for the big game), you can order a tailgating bundle that includes 15 boneless wings and 15 traditional wings (a little something for everyone), served with your choice of sauce or dry seasoning, an order of Everything Pretzel Knots, as well as a large order of tots for sharing.