Viral TikTok Shows How To Order The Secret Menu 'Butterbeer Blizzard' From DQ

Calling all Potterheads and lovers of secret menus: Your dream of combining your two greatest loves can finally be realized. Even better, we're throwing the delight of ice cream into the mix — talk about a win-win-win. 

Allow us to explain. If you've ever read the "Harry Potter" books, watched the movies, or heard even a whisper of the plot in pop-culture conversation, you've probably had a certain sweet beverage called Butterbeer on the brain more than once. You may even have tried it at the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The golden-colored libation is so coveted that many home chefs even attempt to make it themselves.

Now, thanks to social media and its love for a good ol' TikTok secret menu drink hack, Potterheads can order a Butterbeer-inspired ice cream beverage from the drive-thru. This time, the hush-hush treat comes from the frozen confection mecca Dairy Queen.

The key ingredient is butterscotch syrup

Enter: The Dairy Queen secret menu "Butterbeer Blizzard." TikTok user @thedairyqueenking, who boasts more than 921,000 followers on the app and is a go-to source for all things Dairy Queen, posted a video showing how the concoction is made. We're not going to lie, it looks pretty heavenly. Creamy vanilla ice cream, sweet butterscotch and vanilla syrups, and crispy Butterfinger candy, all blended together and finished with whipped cream on top? Yes, please. While some commenters have said the drink isn't a thing at their Dairy Queens, you may still be able to order it if you follow @thedairyqueenking's instructions to ask for a Blizzard with butterscotch, vanilla, and Butterfinger.

Judging by the 1.3 million likes that the video has received, Harry Potter fans will be jumping on this trend faster than you can say "Butterbeer." Or they'll at least use it as an opportunity to make funny movie references. As joked by TikTok user @hay, who left the most-liked comment on the post, "yer a blizzard harry."