Over 26% Agree This Sandwich Shop Has The Best Quality Meat

Not too long ago, Mashed conducted a survey to identify which, among seven well-known sandwich shops, had the worst quality meat. The choices the participants were given were Blimpie, Jersey Mike's, Jimmy John's, Penn Station, Quiznos, Subway, and Which Which. Nearly 41% of the 603 respondents pointed to Subway as being the worst of the worst. Now, this probably won't strike you as particularly surprising when you consider that lab tests have demonstrated that Subway's tuna subs contain no scientifically identifiable tuna, that past DNA tests found their chicken to contain only 50% meat (via USA Today), and that Subway's sandwich rolls were declared by an Irish court to have too much sugar to be legitimately referred to as "bread" (via NPR). 

That's what makes the results of a new Mashed survey, this one aimed at identifying the popular sandwich shop chain with the BEST quality meat, so surprising. In the new survey, respondents were asked to name the sandwich chain with the best meat, among these options: Subway, Jimmy John's, Jersey Mike's, Penn Station, Firehouse, Quizno's, and Blimpie. You won't believe where Subway ended up in this new survey.

Congratulations are in order for Jersey Mike's

Out of a total of 657 respondents, 26% voted that Jersey Mike's had the best quality meat in their sandwiches. Congrats to Jersey Mike's! Seems the New Jersey-based chain's "a sub above" slogan certainly held true in this survey. But what was so surprising is that Firehouse and Subway were basically tied for second, each with around 20% of the vote. Firehouse was slightly higher — with nearly 21% vs. 20% for Subway — but, still, going from worst sandwich shop meat to a close third for best is pretty significant.

Fourth place went to Jimmy John's, with 18% choosing it as the sandwich shop with the best meat. Quizno's came in fifth with 9% of the vote, followed by Penn Station in sixth (4%) and Blimpie coming in last with 2%.

What changed for Subway? Could it be that the 657 respondents to this recent survey were influenced by some of the big changes Subway has recently made to its menu? Stay tuned as we continue crunching the numbers.