Aldi Shoppers Swear By This Salsa Verde

Fan favorites are fan favorites for a reason. Such is the case with Aldi's Mild Roasted Salsa Verde. The tried-and-true product is in the limelight — again — after an Aldi shopper enthusiastically shared a photo of their find on reddit, along with the caption, "New fave salsa." 

Other redditors were quick to weigh in. NurseMaq shared, "I use this as a base for white chicken chili! I was able to find one jar of medium. I'm saving that for New Years!!!" That's all it took before fellow redditors were clamoring for NurseMaq's recipe.

Curious? NurseMaq generously shared their "super easy, all Aldi" white chicken chili recipe. In addition to a jar of salsa verde, ingredients include chicken, Rotel-style tomatoes, white beans, frozen peppers, and onions. Everything goes into a crockpot to simmer all day. Easy peasy.

All good, right? There's a catch. According to Aldi, the fan-favorite salsa comes and goes. It's available while supplies last and may not be available in all stores. Based on their comment, we're guessing another redditor already knew that. "I bought a whole flat of that salsa and have about half left," they shared.

The roasted salsa verde isn't the only Aldi salsa variety with a fan base

Aldi's Mild Roasted Salsa Verde is clearly a winner in the reddit community. Another user noted they usually make their own salsa, but still sang its praises, "That is hands down the best store-bought salsa verde I've ever had! I normally make my own, but keep a few jars of this around for when I'm in a hurry." 

Turns out salsa verde isn't the only Aldi salsa variety with a fan base. Another redditer shared, "The four pepper salsa from the same box is delicious too!" 

Another commented, "I like all of the specially selected salsas. Even the avocado tomatillo one, which is surprising for me since I'm not even a fan of avocado!"

The salsas everyone is raving about are part of Aldi's Specially Selected line of products. In addition to salsa, the in-house brand includes breads, cheese, dairy, snacks, frozen foods, deli items, and pantry essentials.