What Maneet Chauhan Wishes You Knew About Indian Food

Celebrity chef, entrepreneur, and television personality Maneet Chauhan loves her job. She told Urban Asian that she's been experimenting with food ever since she was a kid. She said, "My love of cooking began at a young age when I used to make homemade (eggless) ice creams with my dad, which we churned with a ladle by hand!" For her, being a part of the culinary industry is an adventure and a privilege. She is especially grateful that she gets to meet plenty of new people on the job.

Also, cooking is a fun-filled activity in the Chauhan household. As the chef revealed to Urban Asian, her family made the most of their extra time together during the pandemic by selecting different places from around the world and cooking dishes representing the country that was chosen. Still, Indian food holds a special place in her heart and reminds her of home. "I grew up on Indian food. It is seasonal; it is fresh. Indian cuisine cannot be put under one blanket statement because each and every state in India has a very distinct cuisine of its own," Chauhan told Good Grit Mag.

Maneet Chauhan believes Indian food is earlier to make than people think

Although some believe Indian dishes are too complex or difficult to make at home, Chauhan assures fans that this is not the case. Per Travel & Leisure, she believes anyone can prepare an Indian dish and has a comforting statement to make. "If anyone wants to cook Indian food, take it out of your mind that it's very complicated. It isn't. Start with something simple and get used to the flavors from there," she advises.

She's made this point earlier as well. According to Good Grit Magazine, Chauhan feels that even simple tweaks can help a home cook understand the nuances of Indian cooking and suggests adding more spices than usual to an omelet. "A masala omelet is what I grew up every morning eating," she shared. "With a masala omelet, start with some cumin. Put some onions, put some tomatoes, put some cilantro. Chili if you want, and then beat the egg with a little bit of turmeric. A little bit of salt. Voila, you have a masala omelet."