Reddit Is Divided On This Oddly Satisfying Cookie Frosting Video

Thanks to today's technology, falling into a rabbit hole of ASMR and soothing cooking videos on platforms like TikTok has never been easier. Watching someone perfectly crack an egg? Delightful. Baking, specifically decorating, is another vast source of oddly satisfying content that's begun to gain traction on the app. However, users on other social media platforms like Reddit are finding some of these TikToks more nauseating than gratifying.

Take one TikToker's cookie frosting video, for example. The baking instructor was simply trying to film a tutorial on how to frost small cookies with curved and angular edges, which is a lot harder than it looks. While some home bakers found the tutorial very helpful and the instructor's background in cookie decorating extremely heartwarming, others felt differently. After the clip was posted, someone decided to make it the subject of a Reddit thread, where it has accumulated almost 500 comments in just two days. Not all the comments were mean, but they definitely weren't all rainbows and butterflies.

Some think the cookie is over-frosted

If you scroll down almost to the end of the Reddit page, you'll see several people found the cookie frosting video not only satisfying to watch (again and again), but very informative. But as they say, with every kind comment are a thousand negative ones.

No one was doubting the TikToker's skill level, but some think the amount of frosting that's piled onto these cookies is an overload. "I'll take some frosting with a side of cookie," one Reddit user teased, while another similarly quipped "I'd like some cookie on my frosting." Someone else commented, "I can feel the sugar rush vicariously." One person jumped in to defend the TikToker, pointing out that a good portion of the frosting was eventually scraped off at the end of the clip.

If you're interested in trying out this frosting tutorial at home, you'll need a thin, narrow tool called an offset spatula (via Baking Bites). These come in all shapes and sizes and can typically be found at large retailers like Walmart and Target or online on Amazon.