Nearly 24% Of Shoppers Wish These Discontinued Chips Would Make A Comeback

It can be difficult to settle on what you want to eat when you're in a snacking mood, but if you ask us, chips are always a safe bet. Whether you like them salty or cheesy, dipped in salsa or onion dip, something about a handful of chips never fails to hit the spot, and don't even get us started about how good they are on top of a burger.

If you've recently perused the chip aisle at your local market or convenience store in search of the perfect munchies, you may have noticed the reappearance of an old favorite flavor on the shelves: 3D Doritos, which finally reemerged in 2020 after being locked away in the snack vault for more than 20 years (via Eat This, Not That!). Whether the puffed-up nacho chips were your jam back in the day or not, spotting them out in the wild again may have sparked memories of other chips of the past that were gone too soon – we know they certainly sent us on a one-way trip to nostalgia town.

The return of this beloved '90s snack also got us curious about the other chips of yesteryear that people hoped to see again, and to find out, Mashed conducted a survey asking shoppers which discontinued chips they wanted to make a comeback. We'll admit it's' a tough question to answer, but our 633 U.S.-based participants got the job done. Here's the chip they want back on the shelves.

Most shoppers want this dip-flavored chip to be revived

Dozens of chips have sadly made their way to the snack graveyard over the years, but only a few are worthy of receiving the Dr. Frankenstein treatment to be brought back to life. Guacamole Doritos is apparently one variety that should make the cut, as the snack earned the top spot in our poll with 151 votes, amounting to 23.85% of survey respondents. The dip-flavored chip was only around for three years before getting axed in 2006, and people are clearly still feeling the sting, especially after it became available in the U.K. last year (via Taste Of Home). "A lot of people were very fond of these and 3D Doritos," one Redditor pointed out a few years back before recommending that they both be re-released. As we previously mentioned, 3D Doritos did end up making a comeback, so hopefully, Frito-Lay takes the other half of our Reddit friend's suggestion as well.

Other old favorites that people want to see again include Cheetos X's and O's (18.64%), Lay's Bacon Mac and Cheese Chips (17.22%), Planters potato chips (15.32%), Pringles Sloppy Joe chips (13.11%), and Jumpin' Jack Doritos (11.85%), but there's no need to feel sad if you were hoping one of these discontinued snacks would have been the top choice. Considering that there were a mere 76 votes between the chips in first and last place, we think they all deserve to be revived.