The Truth About Sherelle Morrison From Halloween Baking Championship Season 7

If you are obsessed with shows like "The Great British Bake off," then you will fall for the Food Network's popular autumn holiday show, "Halloween Baking Championship." If you aren't already bewitched by the show, catch the premiere of its 7th season on September 13, as fans are already stoked about it. Even Season 4 winner Nacho Aguirre is excited, having posted on Twitter, "Can't wait enough for tomorrow's premier[e] of #halloweenbakingchampionship on @FoodNetwork So looking forward to see what cool costumes my friends @carlahall, @steph__boswell & @zacayoung will show this season. Ohh and also looking for the baking."

The show follows 10 talented contestants through a series of spooky and Halloween-themed baking events, and each chef will attempt to out-terrify the other with the hopes of surviving and winning the grand prize of $25,000 (via the Food Network website). Among the 10 players is an optometrist and self-taught baker, Sherelle Morrison from Indian Land, South Carolina. Morrison's longstanding passion for baking began to consume more of her time and attention when she found out her young daughter was allergic to peanuts (per QC Life). She wanted to keep her daughter safe without stopping her from eating during special occasions like birthday parties, and this prompted her to sharpen her baking skills.

Sherelle Morrison brings a positive vibe and haunting creations

The Food Network website shares that Sherelle Morrison has an eye for "cozy flavor combos and adorable decorating," which we are looking forward to seeing for ourselves. In an Instagram highlight reel labeled "Get to know me," we also learn that Morrison is truly an optimist, writing that she "[tries] to find happiness in every day." Interestingly, the baker is also a self-proclaimed nerd who went to the North Carolina School of Science and Math. She shares that her life is guided by her two daughters, who are her "world," and she loves to spend at least a quarter of her days, dancing, singing, or listening to music.

Morrison enjoys creating grotesque treats and is apparently a fan of "American Horror Story." In honor of the show's 10th season, she baked a creepy yet oddly scrumptious-looking clown cake collaboration that she shared on Instagram. Another eerie dessert she shared in an Instagram post is a cake she called "Eye've got Blood on the Brain," which depicts eyeballs, brains, and blood (pictured above).

Just a glimpse of Morrison's Instagram account, @SherelleBakes, is enough to get your sweet tooth screaming. From detailed My Little Pony cakes to creamy, creepy creations, Morrison's work makes it clear she is going to be strong competition for the other contestants of the "Halloween Baking Championship."