The Truth About Paul Allicock From Halloween Baking Championship Season 7

If Halloween is your favorite holiday and the coziness of fall brings you joy, you're in luck. As we gear up for the season, the pumpkin flavors are coming back, spooky traditions are reappearing, and Halloween-themed decorations and food are being stocked in our local grocery stores. Of course, all of our favorite Halloween food series are also starting and we couldn't be more excited to meet all the new contestants. Food Network's "Halloween Baking Championship" is a fan favorite and staple of the season. 

The show is in Season 7 and is sure to delight viewers with the contestants' spooky baked treats. Every year, the show's contestants bake goods inspired by a different Halloween-inspired theme. In Season 7, each episode will focus on a different slasher film from the 1980s. Contestants will compete for $25,000 in challenges that center around the iconic movies (via Food Network). However, the delicious baked goods and unique themes are only half the excitement of watching the show. Getting to know the contestants is always a joy. 

What you need to know about Paul Allicock

Miami-based pastry chef Paul Allicock is known for his inventive and unique takes on different flavors that make his confections stand out in a crowd (via Food Network). His Halloween aesthetic is inspired by his sons, who love the holiday. He's been working as a pastry chef for 16 years, so he's bringing a lot of experience to the competition. Allicock currently runs a homemade biscuit business called Atomic Biscuits, where he works with partner Azucena Morales to bake delicious gourmet biscuits and scones, as well as sandwiches and cakes (via Instagram). The sandwich options look absolutely tantalizing in the pictures and include mojo pork, barbecue pulled pork or chicken, classic fried chicken, a vegetarian option, chipotle-citrus chicken, and their specialty Cuban sandwich

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Allicock has also worked at Komodo and La Centrale in the Miami area, as well as Sweet Alchemy Confectionery in Davie, Florida. There, customers could watch the pastry chef at work deep-frying and decorating doughnuts. Clearly, Allicock has the technical skills and creative drive to win it all this season. We'll have to watch and see what he creates.