These Mochi Ice Cream Boxes Have Costco Shoppers Divided

Who knew that ice cream, particularly ice cream from Costco, which usually hits it out of the park for its members, could be so controversial? 

One freezer section item that is causing some disagreement is a mochi treat. Some say they and their kids like the My Mochi ice cream bites, while others found them unappealing and threw them out.

The Instagram account Costcobuys was the source of the controversy when it created a post about the My Mochi ice cream product. The box features 18 individually wrapped small bites (the size is well-suited for kids). The 100-calorie ice cream treats come in sweet mango, strawberry, and vanilla bean varieties.

If you've never had mochi ice cream, the website Global Grub explains the multi-layered Japanese treats you can eat with your fingers. The outer layer, the actual mochi, is a confection made from sticky rice. Inside this soft, chewy, sweet, and pliable exterior, there is a creamy ice cream center.

They sound delicious, right? So why is there a kerfuffle among Costco fans about the worthiness of adding this product to your Costco shopping list? Costcobuys merely shared that the boxes were on sale for $7.99 (regular price $10.99), but apparently this was enough to stir up some drama. "Mochi ice cream is on sale for $7.99 through 9/26!" they wrote. "This includes six each of strawberry, mango, and vanilla flavors!"

Costco mochi is the worst, or the best, depending on whom you ask

While some followers of the Costcobuys account loved the My Mochi ice cream bites, others were extremely underwhelmed. "I bought these and threw in trash," Bonniebennett01 immediately commented. Gracecaplann agreed, "I don't like this brand bummer!!!" Zen.harbs had definite feelings about My Mochi, as well. "This is the worst mochi ice cream that I've ever tried. Buy a different brand!" they wrote.

The account traderjoesobsessed follows Costcobuys and offered a contrarian opinion. "My kids are obsessed!!" they wrote. "Not my favorite, but kids love it," concurred pa_cmom2boys

Follower noahs.nibbles explained what they found so objectionable about these mochi. "Glad to see a bunch of other people agree this mochi is bad... Tried these a couple years ago, and I literally couldn't finish the box. The mochi part is dry and crunchy like cardboard! I can't believe this brand is still in business," they wrote.

Still, eneenc1 wrote, "Love it. Hardly stop by the second one." It's not that often that there are such extreme love-hate reactions to a new product, but this Costco mochi seems to have customers widely divided. The solution: We'll just have to try them ourselves. We think the sweet mango sounds like a good place to start. According to the original post, the special price lasts until September 24. If you're going to take a chance on My Mochi, doing so while they are $3 off is a good time to start.