What Giada De Laurentiis Really Thinks Of One-Pan Pasta

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is someone who is full of ideas. If you're a home chef who needs inspiration to prepare dishes at home, especially Italian dishes like pasta, the "Everyday Italian" star has your back with loads of relatable tips that'll make your life easier. Here's one handy piece of advice: according to Tasting Table, De Laurentiis always mixes cheese into her pasta before she adds sauce to it. This is an easy way to ensure that the pasta is properly coated with yummy cheese. Sounds like a full-on treat!

Also, the chef always ensures that she adds enough salt to her water while boiling pasta. It's important to get the basic flavors right, after all. And of course, she never throws away the leftover pasta water and uses it in sauces for her creations, like a "light and creamy" ricotta pasta with veggies and lemon zest.

There's no denying De Laurentiis is a pasta expert. But how does she feel about time-saving techniques such as one-pan pasta?

She's open to the idea

Giada De Laurentiis understands that one-pan pasta can be an extremely convenient way to prepare a meal at home without worrying about dirtying extra cookware. No one wants to spend more time doing the dishes, after all. In fact, she has even shared a couple of her favorite one-pot pasta recipes on Instagram to motivate her fans to cook at home. She writes in one of her posts, "how do we feel about the ever-controversial concept of a one-pan pasta where the noodles don't have to be boiled first?? Turns out, it's pretty delicious."

She recommends one of her own recipes: Pasta Alla Formiana, a combination of thick tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil, and oregano. It's an easy recipe that can be prepared in the oven, and her fans are already loving it. Someone wrote, "I love this recipe. We make it often." Meanwhile, another commenter added that De Laurentiis has never failed them and the dish looks incredible. Feel like giving this method a shot yet?