Don't Believe This Rumor About Aldi's Low-Carb Tortillas

It can be hard to find low-carb options that taste as good as the original, but Aldi's low-carb flour tortillas are a customer favorite. According to Healthline, flour tortillas tend to be high in carbs, but Aldi's Fit and Active version only has 4g, and they're still just as delicious. Aldi's low-carb tortillas are such a great alternative that when a rumor began circulating that they were being discontinued (via Reddit), Aldi shoppers couldn't help but be disappointed by the news.

Fortunately, however, this is only a rumor. Though the tortilla section on the Aldi website reads, "Due to increased demand, some inventory may be temporarily unavailable," this does not mean that the low-carb tortillas will be pulled from shelves permanently. According to Reddit user fvalt05, who reached out through Aldi's social media to confirm, the grocery store made it clear they have no plans to discontinue them, much to the delight of customers who regularly purchase the product.

Aldi's low-carb breads are unmatched

Anyone who follows a keto diet or tracks their carbs knows that Aldi has some of the best options when it comes to bread. When the grocery store first released their zero carb bread, it became so popular that people began selling it on eBay (via The Kitchn). The famous bread is not only carb free, it also tastes surprisingly similar to regular bread, doesn't have a dense or crumbly texture like most keto-friendly breads, and also comes in whole wheat and multiseed. 

Aldi later followed up the success of the zero carb bread with their low-carb bagels and their keto-friendly buns, which were just as raved about. Clearly Aldi is the place to go if you're looking for low-carb bread options, and their tortillas are no exception. Though they might be so popular that they often sell out faster than normal, shoppers can rest assured that Aldi won't be stopping production of them any time soon.