The Johnny Depp Movie You Should Never Watch On An Empty Stomach

If you get hungry when you watch cooking shows or even movies about cooking, you are not alone. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, a few years back, Cornell University conducted a study that concluded watching cooking shows could make you pack on a few pounds. So, if watching "The Pioneer Woman's" Ree Drummond makes you run to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make her funeral potatoes, or if you start rummaging through your fridge to find all the items you need to make Giada De Laurentiis' mortadella sliders after viewing "Bobby and Giada in Italy," then you know what we are talking about. 

Per Hungry Howies, the same thing can happen with movies, and Johnny Depp has a movie that made the list of movies not to watch on an empty stomach or going through a bad breakup, for that matter. Why? Well, because the food that is at the center of this film's story is one that Science ABC says has a chemosensory appeal — meaning the mere sight, smell, or anticipation of the taste can make us salivate. The movie, which made its way to the big screen in 2000, is "Chocolat." In the film, Depp is a wandering gypsy and befriends Juliette Binoche's character, who has moved to a small town in France with her daughter to make chocolate for a living (via CineTropic). It sounds really sweet, but you might be surprised to learn how the cast of the movie really felt about this confection. 

Johnny Depp actually doesn't care for chocolate

Honestly, just the thought of the chocolate has our taste buds churning. Johnny Depp and his cast mates must have felt like they were in chocolate heaven. But as it turns out, Depp doesn't even like chocolate, according to his the lead, Juliette Binoche. We know what you are thinking. Binoche really ruined all the magic. "To tell you the truth, the shop was all fake chocolate. Because of all the lights, chocolate wouldn't have been able to stand up with that heat," the "Chocolat" actress explained to The Hollywood Reporter. We thought it was all real, but it gets worse.

Binoche revealed that Depp doesn't even like chocolate. Quelle horreur! How's is that possible? Not that we are passing judgment on the "21 Jump Street" actor, but maybe we are. "But of course we did have to eat some. I discovered that Johnny Depp actually didn't like chocolate," Binoche added. "He was spitting it out after each take, and Alfred Molina didn't like chocolate that much, either. It was a funny experience dealing with them and the faces they would make." But according to MensXP, Depp's dislike of this creamy, dreamy candy largely stems from a chocolate allergy he had as a child. And he never quite developed a taste for it.