The Pringles Flavor You Can Basically Only Find In China

We know that Asia almost always has amazing flavors of things that we just can't seem to get in North America, like all of their amazing Kit Kat flavors. While Asian snack foods are starting to really boom here in America, there are some American snacks that have taken on an entirely new twist in other countries, like how Ruffles potato chips come with a packet of hot sauce in Mexico (via reddit). 

Speaking of chips, you can get some insane flavors of Lay's around the world, like Marmite, Lasagna, Prawn Cocktail, Blueberry, Cucumber & Goat Cheese, and Crab & Red Caviar, among others (per Mental Floss). While Lay's does do the Do Us A Flavor campaign each year (via Mass Live), most of those fun flavors don't stick around for too long (though maybe that's for good reason). 

Pringles has a variety of flavors that are only found in other countries as well, including one that is only available in China, but it sort of sounds like it might be a hit in America too.

Tomato Pringles sound pretty good honestly

For some reason, Pringles only sells their tomato flavor in China (via reddit), although they do have a ketchup flavor available in Canada (via Chicago Tribune). Ketchup chips are hugely popular in the Great White North, and there are a number of varieties (via The Takeout). In fact, according to the Chicago Tribune, there are plenty of Americans who love ketchup chips, but because they can't get them as readily in the U.S., they buy them on Amazon at a premium price. Seriously, what's a better pairing than potatoes and ketchup and when will they be available in the U.S.? 

"It has been on the list for many years," Katie Ceclan, senior director of marketing at Lay's, told the Chicago Tribune. "We just need something to push it over the edge, from our fans requesting it. If we hear it, we usually respond."

According to the Chicago Tribune, there are a few U.S.-based ketchup chips, including Herr's Heinz ketchup chips, which are available in Pennsylvania (or you can order on Amazon).

In addition to the tomato-flavored Pringles, you can find all sorts of interesting Pringles flavors in China, including shrimp, seaweed, aromatic crispy chicken (what?!), crab, Indian satay, and Hong Kong fish ball (via Gunaxin). We can't guarantee that these are all good flavor options, but some of them would definitely be popular here — especially tomato.