Costco Shoppers Can't Wait To Try This Cheesy Mediterranean Flatbread

Dallas mom and confessed Costco addict @costcohotfinds on Instagram and TikTok is excited about a recent find at Costco, which is not only hot but cheesy, too. New at Costco stores across the U.S. is La Vie Gourmand's margherita flatbread, made from an authentic Turkish recipe (via Facebook). It looks like a boat-shaped pizza, and in Turkey it's called pide.

Being margherita style, the wheat-flour flatbread is filled primarily with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce (via Imgur). Costco Hot Finds suggested dressing up your pide with other toppings before popping it in the oven. Several commenters suggested cracking an egg over the pide.

Full disclosure: Costco Hot Finds was paid for their recent social media posts promoting La Vie Gourmand's Mediterranean Flatbread. So when they say, "I'm here to tell you: They're better than I even imagined," you can take that with a grain of salt. (Some people recommend honey, too.) What do Costco Hot Finds' unpaid commenters think?

Opinions were divided on the Mediterranean Flatbread at Costco

Comments were divided on Costco Hot Finds' TikTok post advertising La Vie Gourmand's Mediterranean Flatbread, called "pide" in Turkey. "They are so good," one commenter said. "I have it with a side salad and (it's) a great dinner!" Another TikToker echoed the first commenter: "They are so good! I just got them, dipped it in marinara sauce!"

Others on social media didn't like the Mediterranean Flatbread. "It just didn't hit the mark for us. Can't put my finger on it," someone on Reddit said. "I suppose if you think of it as bread first with a touch of cheese as a bonus. The tomato is very faint."

Others who expected something like saucy, American-style pizza were disappointed, too. "I didn't like them for some reason," someone on TIkTok commented. "Maybe I was expecting more tomato sauce like pizza." On the other hand, Turkish people or tourists who had visited Turkey were excited to discover that a popular treat from that country was available at their local U.S. Costco. La Vie Gourmand's Facebook posts indicate the Mediterranean Flatbread has been selling out at some Costco locations. "We're back ... but not for long," the company posted. "Grab a box before they're all gone."

You can find the Turkish margherita pide in Costco's freezer section. Packs of 10 sell for $10.99 to $11.99, according to Costco Hot Finds' TikTok.