Marcela Valladolid Just Shared This Super Relatable Mom Moment

It's always fun to get a peek into celebrities' lives. It helps remind us that, yes, they are, in fact, humans too (this Tweet says it all). They work, they have families, they have embarrassing moments, and they struggle just like the rest of us — especially those celebrities who balance work with also being a parent.

Sometimes, the moments that celebrities choose to share with fans on social media are totally priceless and charming – like this one Marcela Valladolid shared of her daughter posing sassily. But we also know other times are not as ... cute. Valladolid probably reached the heart and soul of every parent when she captioned another recent Instagram post of her kids as they head back to school. "The little one has one more day of asking me for snacks/drinks/bathroom help/nail polish/a hair brush/anything and everything while I'm in the middle of a zoom call," reads the post. Oh, Marcela — we feel that on a spiritual level.

Marcela Valladolid's recent Instagram post is something all parents can relate to

After all, that's what kids do: They bug parents and ask them for things and interrupt. It's kind of their thing, and they're really good at it. There are even guides and books and coaches to help curb that kind of behavior, especially when it starts to interfere with work, according to Very Well Family. But even when kids wait their turn and ask for things at the right times — say, for homework help — they sometimes get details wrong.

That's why, when Marcela Valladolid shared this Instagram post, many parents with school-aged kids breathed a sigh of understanding. The photo shows the star chef stirring a pot of beans with a bowl of rice in the background, and we can almost taste the flavors of Mexico. That's because Valladolid is cooking a classic Mexican dish for a class presentation that her son, Fau, is giving ... except that Fau mixed up the dates and, well ... parents know how the rest of the story goes. The post reads, "In typical teenage fashion, Fau told me this evening that the rice and beans he needed for his entire class were actually for tomorrow, not Friday. So here I am at 9:10 p.m., skimming beans of their scum ..." We're thinking of you, Marcela, and hope that maybe you at least got to sleep in the next morning. At the very least, we know those rice and beans were a smash hit, no question.