Costco Shoppers Are Celebrating The Return Of These Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars

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The popular discount retailer Costco has built a loyal customer base by offering low prices on big-box quantities of everything from groceries to electronics. And while some of Costco's most beloved items are perennially available, other products are cycled in and out of the warehouse stores, much to the chagrin of some shoppers (at least, the ones who don't know about Costco's secret symbol that shows if a product is limited).

One such transient product, which recently made its reappearance in Costco stores after a break, is a protein-packed sweet treat that some shoppers can't get enough of. In a recent post on the subreddit r/Costco, an excited customer shared an image of the Yasso brand of frozen Greek yogurt bars with the caption: "Yasso is back!!!" The poster, who found the bars at a Chicago location of the retailer, snagged a pack of the mint chocolate chip flavor of the handheld treat. 

A 15-pack of the icy confection retails for between $9.99 and $10.99, depending on the Costco location, according to a comment on the post. This price point is a steal in comparison to the cost of the yogurt bars at other stores, where a four-count can retail for around $5.50 (via Amazon). Yasso bars, which are made with Greek yogurt and swirls of various flavors, are gluten-free and contain at least 4 grams of protein and no more than 170 calories each, according to the website, offering shoppers a health-conscious frozen treat option. 

Reddit posters were thrilled about the return of the sweet treat

In response to the news that the Yasso bars had made their return to at least one Costco location, Reddit users shared their excitement about the low-calorie ice cream treat. One user commented: "Wow! Best news ever!!!" Another poster went so far as to say: "I bought a membership just because I heard these were back lol, they are my absolute favorite non-guilty treat and so much cheaper than the 4 packs!"

In response to someone who asked if Yasso is "any good," shoppers were quick to share their love for the frozen yogurt bars, with one Redditor sharing: "They're crazy good. ... I got hooked on them last year and after Costco stopped carrying these 15 packs, I couldn't break the habit and have been WAY overpaying for boxes of 6 at the regular grocery stores." However, not all of the commenters were so thrilled with the bars, with one writing: "I hated these? Kinda tasted so bland." 

While it's unclear whether the buzzy yogurt bars will be available at all Costco locations across the U.S., lucky shoppers in Chicago — and hopefully elsewhere — can pick up the treats in the Costco frozen aisle now.