The Dairy Queen Secret Menu Treat Pet Owners Will Want To Know

After a long playdate at the dog park, your best friend and furry companion sits in the backseat of the car completely content and happy to be along for the ride. Your dog's tongue laps in the wind as he gazes out the slightly opened window while you pull into a drive thru to grab yourself a snack. Your pet catches the whiff of delicious food in the air and looks at you with eyes you just can't say "no" to. Luckily, lots of chain restaurants are offering secret menu items just for pets so you can share a special moment with your lifelong pal.

Some pet-friendly treats are better known than others with the Starbucks Puppuccino, a small cup filled with whipped cream, being one of the most widely known. As more people want to include their pets in their dining experiences, more pet hacks are being revealed at different chain restaurants, including In-N-Out and Chick-Fil-A. And, most recently, it was revealed that Dairy Queen has a secret menu item for pets that's the perfect treat for your loving buddy.

The scoop on Dairy Queen's secret pet treat

The secret menu item for pets at Dairy Queen was revealed in a TikTok video. If you order at the restaurant and ask for a "pup cup" they will give you a special treat for your dog. According to Daily Paws, the pup cup was free at the location they visited, although some commenters said they have had to pay a low price at certain locations. The secret treat is a cup of soft serve ice cream with a classic dog biscuit on top, a perfect way to share your Dairy Queen experience with your pet. Every dog would be so excited to lap up every last drop of their pup cup.

The Daily Paws account went on to say in a comment shared to their TikTok page that the pupcup is only available at participating Dairy Queen locations. Still, it's definitely worth checking out if your local Dairy Queen offers the pup cup and spoiling your dog with the delicious treat where you can.