The Worst Dessert At Applebee's, According To 38% Of People

When it comes to chain restaurants, Applebee's has its fair share of fans. Why? For one, it has affordable drinks and late-night food options. Secondly, its meals are pretty accessible and ideal if you're eating out on a budget. And well, it's a trustworthy brand that has been making waves in the industry since 1980.

Applebee's also likes to experiment with its cocktails. They may be easy on the pocket, but they're pretty innovative as well. However, not everyone is a fan of the brand. As one particularly disgruntled person wrote on Reddit, "Part of being a responsible adult is structuring your life in such a way that you are never in a position of having to eat at Applebee's." Eek.

Naysayers aside, the Applebee's menu is undeniably full of options. Customers can even choose from a range of desserts based on their preferences such as chocolate cake, brownies, and more. Curious about which sweet treat gets the least amount of love? We conducted a survey to find out.

The Sizzlin' Caramel Apple blondie isn't popular

The Mashed survey included 640 participants across the U.S. who were asked to share their opinions on the dessert options at Applebee's. The salted caramel apple blondie turned out to be the least popular item, with 38.28% of the respondents choosing to vote against it. Other dishes on the list were the brownie bite, which was disliked by 30.31% of people, the Triple Chocolate Meltdown (17.50%), and the Blue Ribbon Brownie (13.91%). According to Yahoo! Life, the salted caramel apple blondie at Applebee's doesn't come close to its predecessor, the maple butter blondie. Too bad.

Some sweet treats at the chain are even more buzzed-about than these desserts. When singer Walker Hayes referred to the brand's recently-discontinued Oreo Cookie Shake in his song "Fancy Like" this year, Applebee's had a change of heart. It has now decided to reintroduce the item to its menu and appeal to its fan base. Can't complain, huh?