In Response To Fan Outrage, Skittles Will Be Replacing Green Apple With This Traditional Flavor

Major fans of Skittles know that ever since 1979, the original red bags of the fruit-flavored candy have included five classic flavors: strawberry, grape, orange, lemon, and lime. That lasted until the ill-fated year of 2013, when the lime-flavored Skittles were swapped out for green apple Skittles, and the world just wasn't the same for a lot of candy lovers.

For eight long years, impassioned proponents of the original Skittles flavors were so upset that they took to the internet to express their distress. They even put a Bring Back the Lime Skittle! petition on But now those fans can breathe a collective sigh of relief: According to a press release sent to Mashed, Skittles is officially and permanently replacing the green apple candies with the beloved lime flavor in Skittles original packs.

Thanks to much online discussion over which flavor is superior — 70% of people on voted that lime Skittles are better than their green apple replacement — Skittles is bowing to the people's demand and making the switch back to the classics. Customers can expect to see that change happen very soon, too. Skittles original packs with the beloved lime-flavored candies will hit shelves in October of 2021. It might take a few months for the entire national rollout to be complete, though. So be patient and know that lime Skittles are indeed coming.

This is what people had to say about green apple Skittles

If you like sour candy but missed out on the nearly decade-long debate about the changed original Skittles flavors, one of the best explanations comes from Reddit. One user wanted to know why so many people opposed the green apple flavor. "People hate the green apple because they don't expect it. It's like biting into an oatmeal raisin thinking you are getting chocolate chip," one Redditor answered. 

Opposing views were also presented in the Daily Iowan, where some of the best opinions about green apple and lime Skittles actually appeared in the comments of the opinion piece. One person said, "[I] refuse to buy Skittles, until they bring back Lime. Single person boycot [sic], going 7 years strong." Another wrote, "The green used to be my favorite... Who likes green apple without caramel?"

Another commenter, Ron Duncan, broke down just why green apple doesn't fit in with the Skittles original packs. Duncan said, "Green apple is... fine? but it belongs in a bag with some other form of brand of Skittles. ... Maybe they should reformulate the orchard concept to include green apple for those who want it and give us back our original with the lime in it." Another reader agreed completely, writing, "That's the right idea, Ron...the green apple isn't terrible, but it doesn't belong with the classic flavors." At long last, these Skittles original fans will get their wish and rest easy once again.