TikTok Is Freaking Out About Lizzo's 'Elite' Burrito-Eating Method

People are willing to devote a lot of mental energy to figuring out the best way to eat something. You'll find several competing opinions about the best method for consuming Oreos, for example. Scientists have even studied the question to a surprising depth, according to Best Products. For the record, Oreo's official recommendation is "twist, lick, and dunk." Given the dining challenge posed by Dungeness crab, the helpful people at the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission offer a step-by-step guide to the best way to separate meat from shell.

As complicated as the crab is, the burrito is just as simple: a vaguely cylindrical mass of beans, rice, cheese, meat, sauce, and/or veggies encased in a flour tortilla. You think there'd be no debate around how to eat a burrito because it's utterly intuitive: Start on one end and work your way to the other end. You wouldn't take your first bite of a hot dog from the middle, would you?

On TikTok, music superstar Lizzo makes the case for an "elite" way to eat a burrito. She thinks you should go straight for the middle with that first bite after all. She first revealed her unorthodox burrito-eating approach in a TikTok video on September 7. Most commenters didn't approve. "You attacked the middle ... what psycho does that??" one commenter exclaimed. Others declared her burrito eating to be "illegal," while @realanabelle demanded a follow-up apology video. "I wanna see tears," @realanabelle said.

Lizzo explained the advantages of eating a burrito starting from the middle

No apology video was forthcoming from Lizzo. She doubled down on her sideways approach to burrito eating in a second burrito video she posted on TikTok September 22. She used TikTok's new three-minute video option to go in depth on why starting in the burrito's midsection is not only acceptable, it's superior to the standard end-to-end approach. First, the famous vegan splashed some vegan ranch dressing and some Truff Hotter Sauce right smack dab in the middle of a burrito wrapped in a spinach flour tortilla. "You're about to get all of the pieces that's in this burrito right now. You're not going to get the bread, and the other bread," Lizzo said, pointing to each of the burrito's ends. "You're going to get all the stuff."

Lizzo explained some of the advantages of working your way through a burrito's middle first. Once you've sawed the burrito in half with your teeth — you're going to need to open wide to make this happen — you then have two half burritos with easy access to the good stuff inside. Lizzo said she likes to save one half for later.

Commenters had more appreciation for Lizzo after her second burrito-eating video. "Now I'm freaking craving a burrito. I'm definitely eating it middle style," one commenter said. Many commenters, however, suggested Lizzo would have done better to simply cut the burrito in half. Lizzo was ready with a firm reply: "Nooooooooo."