What Alex Guarnaschelli Really Thinks Of Cutting Lettuce With A Knife

There are apparently some strong opinions when it comes to lettuce. Who knew this leafy green could come with so much baggage? According to Food52, the French are to blame for these complicated (one might even say arcane and antiquated) rules that have made many a home cook question how they are preparing and even eating this vital element of so many salads. Food52 shares that lettuce leaves "must" be torn up by hand and into small enough pieces for one to fit in one's mouth. They go on to warn that lettuce should "never" be chopped, sliced, or cut with a knife because it will damage the lettuce leaves and cause them to brown.

However, if you do some research, you will find all types of videos and articles instructing on how to cut up your lettuce to create the perfect bite-size pieces. Which leaves us with the question: to cut or not to cut? Thankfully, "Chopped" judge and cookbook author Alex Guarnaschelli has provided us with some clarity by sharing via Twitter how she really feels about cutting lettuce with a knife and her answer may surprise you.

Guarnaschelli says it's ok to cut your lettuce

One member of the twitterverse took to the social media platform, tagging Guarnaschelli, Food Network, and fellow "Chopped" judge Amanda Freitag and writing "Question re cutting lettuce with knife. You see a lot of people doing this but I've been told not to ... yes or no?" Guarnaschelli is so awesome with her fans and was not shy about answering. Not to mention, her thoughts were spot on. "Nothing wrong with cutting lettuce with a knife If it ends up being a salad you really enjoy eating. The goal is to make food you want to eat no matter what. Your money, your food," Guarnaschelli responded. Amen. 

Twitter was on so on board with Guarnaschelli's philosophy, we thought they might break out into a chorus of John Lennon's "Lettuce Be." One follower chimed in with, "I so agree," while another offered a practical observation: "...it's tough to make a wedge salad without wedging the iceberg!" Now, in fairness to the French, Cook's Illustrated does note that tearing your lettuce with your hands is a best practice if you do not want your lettuce to turn brown. However, we are of the same mind as Guarnaschelli and embrace the other French rule of chacun à son goût — to each their own.