TikTok Can't Get Over This Dunkin' Drive-Thru Love Story

Love can appear in unexpected places, as one recently married couple discovered. The duo's sweet love story has now been chronicled on their joint TikTok account, @aka_6.6. What started off as a hankering for food merged two lives together. It all began at the end of 2020 when a man named Aimen went to pick up breakfast at a Dunkin' drive-thru. He posted the original video after first reaching out to a mystery woman behind him in line, garnering more than 11 million views as countless people became invested in the outcome (via TikTok).

In the video, viewers see Aimen paying for the woman's breakfast and handing a note to the drive-through employee to pass on to the lady who's already captured his heart. Along with his phone number, he writes, "Hey, I thought you were beautiful," adding that he hopes it puts a smile on her face for the day. Multiple comments praised the employee who actually went along with the ploy to get the woman's attention. Many users were also on board with the sweet gesture. "We need more men like you!" commented user @Casandra Roja. All the same, others criticized the behavior, calling it "creepy," while some thought the scenario had been staged.

What happens next in this surprising love story?

Aimen continued to share updates with his TikTok followers, starting with their text message conversation shortly after the drive-through encounter. The woman, Kamila, soon found out that she had been on TikTok throughout the courtship and decided to go with it (via TikTok). Aside from some negativity from naysayers, the TikTok comments were largely positive. The cute love story was welcomed, and many suggested the two get married from the start, with user Julie Smith adding, "Dunkin can cater your wedding."

In a follow-up video, the couple tried to find their Dunkin' wingman with no success (via TikTok). Shortly after Aimen and Kamila met, he proposed to her in yet another video posted on the social media platform. TikTok users who followed the relationship's progression were ecstatic about the couple's sweet ending. A number of people remarked on its storybook quality, including @daily.veronika, who wrote, "Fairy tales do exist." Lots of comments indicated that people had been closely following the story. As one person wrote, "Congratulations!!! I have been watching since the very first video of when you guys met." The couple has since started their own coffee company, Sweet Eye Coffee (via the Daily Dot).