20% Of People Agree This Discontinued Girl Scout Cookie Needs To Come Back

If you're a fan of Thin Mints or Samoas, then the most wonderful time of the year is when Girl Scout cookies return to your neighborhood. Usually, we see the colorful boxes stacked on folding tables positioned at the entrance of local stores — where it's nearly impossible to pass by without grabbing one, two, or a dozen. 

According to the Girl Scouts website, members have been fundraising with the treats for over 100 years, beginning with simple sugar cookies tucked in paper bags. A century of sales, combined with our ever-changing palates, means that some cookie varieties don't stick around for the long haul. Mashed recently surveyed 590 people in the U.S. to find out which discontinued Girl Scout cookie flavors they miss the most and would like to see return. 

It seems from the poll that the Girl Scouts made the right call when they retired Olé Olés, given that they ranked the lowest on our poll with only 10.68% of people wishing for their revival. Olé Olés were promoted in the early 2000s as a reduced-fat treat, says Eat This, Not That. The cookies were crunchy with pecans and coconut and dusted with powdered sugar — almost like a Mexican wedding cookie. Next, only 13.56% of people voted for Snaps, the Girl Scouts' version of an iced oatmeal raisin cookie from the '90s (via Mental Floss). 

This retired Girl Scout cookie had a favorite flavor combination

Also ranking near the bottom of the Mashed poll were the discontinued Aloha Chips, which only 15.42% of respondents said they miss. However, these white chocolate and macadamia cookies had a solid fan base despite their brief run, according to Eat This, Not That. Nearly the same percentage of respondents voted for Cinna-Spins, which were cinnamon oatmeal cookies with a swirled top resembling a cinnamon roll. These were packaged in 100-calorie portions in an attempt to appeal to diet-conscious cookie lovers. A significant portion of voters said they miss Apple Cinnamons, which is surprising since The Daily Meal found them overly crispy and sub-par in flavor.

Lastly, do you remember Upside Downs? 20.68% of Mashed respondents certainly do, and they would like to see them come back. Available in the late '90s, the crispy oatmeal cookies had an intricate design on top and a layer of sweet icing inside — like a crispier version of Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, says Cafe Mom. Well, since the Girl Scouts are always introducing new cookies, maybe we can convince them to bring this flavor back.